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The ARC research hub is a partnership between universities and industry to transform and promote industry safe operations of critical infrastructures and assets and eliminate or minimise the consequences of a prolonged and widespread failure of these infrastructures due to natural or man-made fire.

We welcome new partners interested in developing research projects that respond to the economic, societal and environmental challenges presented

Benefits to ARC Research Hub partners

  • Actively participating in the training, upskilling, and securing of the next generation of “industry and future-ready” professionals that have skill sets and knowledge that are strongly aligned to current and future industry needs.
  • Accessing global interdisciplinary expertise, value chain partners, and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Collaborating with a leading consortium of world-class research institutes with proven capabilities and expertise to develop new intellectual properties and technologies.
  • Leveraging major government industry-university initiatives and investments, to advocate and shape the roadmaps that are best suited to augment the resilience of Australian infrastructure and assets.
  • Engaging with major operators, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, agencies, and potential clients.
  • Promoting opportunities to further develop new processes and technologies that generate new revenue streams.

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