On behalf of the Australian fire research community and the AOFSM organisers, we proudly welcome you to join the 5th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Safety Materials Science and Engineering (AOFSM’5) on 26 – 29 August, 2023 held in Sydney Australia!

Call for Abstracts: Oral and poster abstracts are now invited on the conference topics and should be submitted using the online abstract submission system by 30 April 2023.


The following are the research topics for the 5th AOFSM conference:

  • Innovative Flame Retardant Polymers and Composites
  • Flame Retardant Nanocomposites
  • Bio-inspired Flame Retardant Materials
  • Multi-scale Computational Models for Fire and Evacuation
  • Wildland Fire Safety and Energy Storage Systems
  • Improving Flame Retardancy of Fibres, Textiles, Foams and Films
  • Eco-friendly Flame Retardants for Soot and Toxicity Suppressions
  • Fundamental in Fire Dynamics, Fire Testing and Fire Safety Science

About Us


The Asia-Oceania Association for Fire Safety Materials Science and Engineering (AOFSM) is a non-profit social organization founded by outstanding scholars from famous universities, research institutes and well-known enterprises in China, Korea, Japan, Australia, India, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Learn to strengthen academic exchanges, promoting production-study-research cooperation, leading the industry development as the main purpose, through holding fire safety material in the field of international academic conferences or BBS, organized by science and technology publications, the development of science and technology consulting and other activities, in order to promote fire safety in the field of materials science and engineering research and development, promote fire prevention technology, to promote and to contribute to the economic development of Macao region.

More information can be found in the official AOFSM homepage


The 5th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Safety Materials (AOFSM) will be held at University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney in Sydney, Australia in August 2023. The conference will be jointly organized by ARC Training Center for Fire Safety, Asia-Oceania Association for Fire Safety Materials Science and Engineering, and UNSW. The focus of the 5th AOFSM will be to exchange the cutting-edge research and frontier technologies of chemistry, physics, mechanics, thermo-physics (heat transfer, combustion, etc.), information science, computer science and material science to investigate fire dynamics and basic principles of fire safety technologies, to promote academic exchanges between experts and scholars, as well as to strengthen the industrial cooperation.  

More details including Key dates, local information and details about the programme (as it becomes available) can be found at the conference website.

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