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About Us

Our Goals

We will drive forward effective integration systems approach in areas of fire “prevention”, “protection”, “intervention”, and “risk management and mitigation” that best suit industry requirements through:

  • Developing effective solutions to increase infrastructure fire resilience and advancing fire preventative systems
  • Designing and deploying systematic containment and isolation strategies that lead to effective fire mitigation
  • Optimising safe operations in high-risk fire environment and maximising operational recovery stemming from fire incidents

Specifically, we will be developing rapid advancement in fire resilience materials, elevating standards of fire detection and suppression systems, integrating innovative digitisation technologies and instigating a cultural change in fire safety across the sectors. We will also train industry-focused researchers and students to attain the skills and experience required to accelerate the required transformation through the development and translation of innovative technologies and creation of education and training programs whilst driving forward Australia’s modern manufacturing initiatives and capabilities which align with the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy

Prof. Guan Heng Yeoh


Prof. Bijan Samali

Deputy Director

Dr Cheng Wang

Acting Hub Manager